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(Noun) - A hockey player willing to hit any player of the opposing team in order to protect their goaltender... and thrives on it.

Liam Beaudoin is a unifying Captain, leader by example. Smart defensive defenseman, he anticipates the plays and possesses a good first pass. Liam is a physical, in-your-face defenceman that plays the game hard and gives it his all every shift. He is aggressive when battling in corners and behind the net, and does an efficient job at clearing the crease and helping his goaltender see the puck. He is not afraid to block shots. He like to lead the opposite forwards to the board to stop them with an unstoppable check.






Liam Beaudoin

Height: 4'8" | Weight: 82 lbs.
Date of birth: November, 2008
Place of birth: Montreal, Qc
Hometown: Vercheres, Qc
Shoot from the left






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